Production process and Certifications


The investment on brand new , pioneering technologies and on highly skilled and qualified human resources constitute guarantee of foolproof quality control in every single stage of the production process.


With a high-level sense of responsibility, the qualified staff of INTERTRADE HELLAS S.A. is vigilant of the smooth running of the 11 production lines and the flawless maintenance of the machinery owned by the firm’s 3 plants.


In 2006 the company was certified with ISO 9001, further fostering its products’ quality. The Quality Check Laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge machinery, conducts daily checks on the raw materials delivered to the storage sites of the firm and the final products of its factories, as well. Checks are carried out by those in charge of quality control, in liaison with INTERTRADE ‘s highly qualified personnel, always in adherence with the specifications set by the firm and its customers. The company boasts a product -track system, thus being in the position of conducting detections of raw materials origin, the line and the production time of each individual product.


Being environmentally conscious and within the forest protection framework, INTERTRADE HELLAS S.A. has been certified by the international organization FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), geared towards the financially viable forest management. With its FSC specification certification, INTERTRADE HELLAS S.A. has the potential of producing paper products derived from forests to which international protocols are applied within the framework of rational management and sustainable development.