The design and the implementation of the company’s production process is carried out with the progressively reduced energy consumption in mind, the elimination of pollutant release and emissions and the lessening of disturbances to the surrounding area. The vast majority of the company’s byproducts is recycled, reducing the firm’s footprint to a minimum. The few remaining production byproducts which the company fails to recycle, are disposed of to certified recipients in an environmentally proper way.

Under the Collective Alternative Management System –‘RECYCLING’ applied by the Greek Recycling Exploitation Company (E.E.A.A),INTERTRADE HELLAS S.A. pays a substantial yearly fee for rubbish management as well as other actions of the E.E.A.A.

Sustainable Development

INTERTRADE HELLAS S.A. has certified its potential to produce products by the international organization Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC is an independent, nonprofit organization, setting international standards for the sustainable forest management. It constitutes a voluntary programme, according to which FSC harnesses the market forces towards forest protection under specific demands. Aside from the relevant provisions imposed by the national legislation of each country, where deficiencies may occur on both an institutional and government level, the FSC certification secures that:

  • The certified products are derived from tree crop, environmentally suitable for the preservation of biodiversity and ecological balance.
  • Both the local community and the wider society reap long-term benefits.
  • Forest management is conducted in a financially profitable way, without gains to the detriment of the biosystem, the local communities and the future generations.


Thereby, the goal entails compliance with an administration system, according to which, the raw materials are monitored from their place of origin , namely the forest, to their conversion and delivery as a final product to the consumer. Thus, the FSC certification is accompanied by the relevant trademark to ensure the creation of products derived from forests whose management is conducted responsibly and sensibly.

INTERTRADE HELLAS S.A. , with social sensitivity and a sense of responsibility, commits itself to actively participate in the responsible forest management adherring to the model provisions and properly initiating its personnel to the management system application.

Community Involvement

With sensitivity and discretion, the company invariably responds to humanitarian requests on the part of charitable associations and also the Greek Church, with paper products offers.

Last but not least, the company donates its products to benevolent social groceries.