The Company

INTERTRADE HELLAS S.A., the biggest paper converting industry in Greece, is specializing in the production of high caliber products.Its range of products entails toilet tissue, napkins, kitchen rolls for household and away from home as well as facials and hunkies.The company was founded in 1992 aiming at jumbo rolls sales to Greek processing industries. After a formidable decade with an impressive presence in the sales sector, INTERTRADE HELLAS S.A. was bent on extending its activities to the paper processing domain.The firm takes pride in its own array of products bearing the brand name SERVIN, especially designed for both the demanding consumer and the professional, seeking after quality paper products. By the same token, it is the supplier of numerous mass merchandisers (supermarkets) in Greece and overseas with private label customized products, designed to meet individual needs.

INTERTRADE HELLAS S.A. has consolidated its dynamic presence in the paper- converting sector with the SOFTEX brand name purchase, inaugurating a new plant in Metamorphosi area, with state-of- the-art mechanical equipment and qualified personnel.Over the last dozen of years with more than 64 million euros turnover at 2016 and productive investments exceeding 30 million euros, INTERTRADE HELLAS S.A. products have found their place in literally every Greek household, having gained the demanding Greek consumer with their inimitable quality, durability and price.

In 2006 the company was certified with ISO 9001, forging ahead and further excelling the high caliber of its products. The Quality Control Laboratory, equipped with the latest technology equipment, conducts daily checks on the unprocessed materials delivered to the storage sites of the company on the one hand and the finished products on the other. The corporation possesses 3 plants in Acharnes and Metamorphosi area, supplying its production with innovative machinery constructed by globally renowned manufacturers such as Omet, Perini, Multipack, Optima and so on.Under the guidance of the latest pioneering technologies and assisted by the sound training and competence of its personnel, INTERTRADE HELLAS S.A. designs and generates top quality, added-value paper products for consumers and professionals alike, at significantly competitive prices.




  • Contentment of the firm’s customers with the production of top level products at the best feasible price.
  • Design of demanding private and professional consumer-driven products, them questing for qualitative paper products at bargain rates.